About us
Factory profiles:
There are 300 professional staff and the 12 perfect depts including: production dept, QC dept, dept of R&D, executive dept, dept of design, account dept, sales dept, purchasing dept and so on which enable us to meet the Standard of products: QB/T1655-1992, GB/T4306-1992, ASTM D-4236, EN71 and we also attach a lot of value in offering products that meet the latest international social and environmental laws and regulations.
QIO factory meets the following requirements as stated in company administration rules:
No force labour
No chile labour
Reasonable and strict working hours
No use of violence (physical nor psychological)
Safe and healthy working environment

Overall objective of QIO is to develop and bring to market in a timely manner with high quality, suitable price and innovative products that meet or exceed customers¡¯ expectations.

QIO¡¯S sales promotion:
QIO make every endeavors to meet buyers¡¯ needs. To be more active in capture buyer¡¯s idea and seize the opportunity of checking business with customers all over the world personally and sincerely, company attends some of the major fairs in the world including the Canton Fair, PSI Dusseldorf, Cibicart Milano, Expro Premium Dubai, Premium H.K., New York Stationery etc. So, we always welcome the customers the world come to see if there is any product which is interested to them and we are at there proposals for any questions.

Current status
Nowadays, QIO has evolved one of the leading export companies with the customers from more than 80 countries and total value of export each year about 10 million. Seeking to expand, QIO is looking for strong worldwide wholesalers and agents at present. We hope that good beginning will lead both parties to a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Please be in good trust QIO is the best for your needs.
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